• Are you as happy or satisfied as can be?
  • Do you feel your life got stuck?
  • Do you need to increase your confidence?
  • Do you need new motivation?
  • Do you desire a more peaceful positive life?

The time to act is now! 

Take that first step to change your life and get to where YOU want to be.

Contact me:E-mail piet@paconsult.co.za or Mobile +27 (0)72 018 7921.


Imagine working with your own personal coach that supports you to achieve your life and professional goals.


Life is short and no-one wants to live below what they know they are truly capable of.   Its not about money, its about living the greatest possible life you are destined for!


fotoAbout Pieter Albertyn

My coaching has developed from my own struggles in life. Success has been redefined for me to mean more than achievements or owning stuff. I have gained insight through trials and tribulations and even fearful and shameful experiences.  My wife and son was killed in a car accident.  I personally suffered an aneurysm in the brain.

In gymnastics I experienced the value of a good coach. Simply put, a coach is the catalyst that can make tomorrow’s dreams  today’s reality.

As a Life Consultant, Mentor and Coach I would like to help you grow into a life of significance and success.





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