Body Wellness

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It is fair to claim that the ideal of many people is that of being sound in body and mind. The dictionary definition is the quality or state of being without restriction, exception, or qualification.

Unfortunately many of us have, along the way, made some compromises in relation to this ideal of wholeness.  We endure and live with aches and pains, with disappointments and failures.

My story through years of great achievements and deep disappointments convinced me that there is always a chance to grow into wholeness of mind and spirit.  This is why I now live my passion in helping others experience wholeness and fulfilling their purpose through life coaching.

The one thing I accepted as water under the bridge, was the ‘brokenness’ of my body.  Although I have been highly active right throughout my life, participating in any sport or adventure that came my way, I had aches and pains that were part of my everyday life, and I was prepared to accept this and make the most of what I still had and was capable of.

At the more mature age of 60 I made the discovery that I could still change much of this. Through myofascial release therapy I experienced wholeness of body that ended many of my aches and pains of more than 20 years that I have accepted as permanent.

More than this, it opens up new horizons for sport and physical challenges – whether you are an average, weekend participant and social sports person or whether your goals are still to exceed any of your current achievements – this technique of body manipulation opens unforeseen possibilities.

Join me in experiencing a new level of wholeness that WILL excite and delight you and make you enjoy an unexpected fullness of life.